our story

Yap Trap Mask Brand is a sister company of Creative Indulgence, Inc. in Redondo Beach, California.  When the COVID-19 virus first hit our community, I, like many other small businesses, had to close our doors to the public.  With my business slowing to a halt, I was forced to experiment with what I could do to avoid closure; a fate that seemed to devastate so many of my contemporaries.


As a way to serve the community, we began manufacturing plastic face shields and ear protectors as donation to the local hospitals and care centers.  It was only when we began working with various medically approved fabrics that I was able to create a market for affordable yet aesthetically and ergonomically conscious face-wear. 


In collaboration with a local US based manufacturer of fine clothing, we started YAP TRAP Masks Brand as a way to provide important protective clothing to the public in a time of need. With a greater focus on comfort than most of our competitors, YAP TRAP Masks Brand is a constantly evolving company ready to make innovations to our products wherever possible.


As a way to help inspiring young artists, we also offer a lineup of masks and other protective face-wear featuring designs from their submitted works.  As compensation, we provide both a share of the revenue for each of their mask’s sold, as well as credit to their name. Here are a few samples of such work: